About Us

About Us

The Dental Suite, formerly A Gentle Dental Center of Robbinsdale has been in the Robbinsdale area for over 40 years serving the community around and beyond with the best possible dental care. We have been serving patients for generations with a smile that is unmatched and that goes beyond just providing dental care.

We have extremely friendly and highly experienced and qualified dental staff that go above and beyond to make our patients smile.

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Why Choose Us

The Dental Suite keeps up with today’s fast changing technological equipment and aspects related to Dentistry. We constantly update our services with the latest developments in both the clinical and technical aspects involved with dentistry with a genuine passion offering the best possible quality of dental care and service for our patients.

We always welcome new patients as well as our existing patients with a genuine smile that goes way beyond just treating you and your family, but also create a pleasant atmosphere that is welcoming every time you visit us.

We look forward to serving your dental needs in our office striving to provide the best for you always.

Dr. Mudasir Walji

I was born in Mombasa, Kenya and have been happily married for 15 years and been blessed with 4 handsome boys who have helped me get the best out of me providing the best possible care for my patients.

I am a graduate of University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in New York and am highly qualified and experienced in dentistry. I graduated with 1st class honors and a gold medalist in my graduating class with many awards recognizing my mastery within the field of Dentistry.

I am honored to have been awarded Fellowships with the Academy of Dentistry International and Pierre Fauchard Academy for my advancements and contributions to the field of dentistry. I am passionate about serving the underserved population and have provided and keep providing voluntary services to the poor, needy and orphans all around the world.

I love esthetic and cosmetic dentistry as well as implants and surgery and am very passionate in providing dentistry for all ages.

In my free time, I spend time with my boys playing soccer and video games as well as reading and constantly updating my knowledge with new advancements in Dentistry that I eventually relate to my patients.

Meet Our Staff

Karina Secord

Karina is a lifelong resident of Minnesota. She is passionate about getting to know all of our patients and ensuring they receive quality service and attention from our front desk. Karina has recently been engaged, has 3 young children, and a dog. In her free time, Karina enjoys crafting, gardening, reading, watching movies, and of course spending time with her children as she is very family-oriented.

Krista Stewart

Krista is a dedicated and loving dental assistant who graduated Herzing University in 2012. She prides herself on making all her patients feel comfortable and at ease. She truly believes in the motto; helping the world one smile at a time and she strives to leave her patients loving their smile. Krista enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and their four dogs. She loves the outdoors; camping, fishing, and bonfires with friends. She also has quite the knack for crafts and cooking and will always keep you smiling.

Jessica Fortman

Jessica was born and raised in Robbinsdale. She graduated with honors from Herzing University in 2010. She is driven to help people improve their oral health by continually learning and loves to share the newest tips & tricks with her patients. She is married, has 2 sons, a dog, and a home in Birdtown where she enjoys walking and biking.

Advance Technology

3D Cone Beam X-ray System.

Dental Cone beam 3D/2D imaging is a kind of medical imaging that is a relatively new development in dentistry allowing dentists to see clear, detailed, three dimensional pictures of your teeth and surrounding structures. All dental treatments start with a reliable diagnosis, and the cone beam offers precisely the tool needed to achieve this with highly predictable and successful results.

The high-quality images provide a lot more information than the traditional 2D x-rays and provide a clear all-round view of the case needed to achieve optimum success. This technology provides images with high levels of contrast and sharpness with very low doses of radiation.

This imaging system is very helpful for multiple situations and provides a multitude of information regarding

  • Extra teeth anywhere in the mouth.
  • Wisdom teeth and their relationship to the nerves. This aids in helping in planning for the removal of various impacted as well as wisdom teeth.
  • Amount and type of bone for implant placements and much more for accurate implant placements.
  • Fractured teeth as well as extra canals to aid in root canal treatments.
  • Digital planning of Sure smile aligner treatment which offers clear braces for crooked teeth offering predictable and convincing and stale long-term results.
  • They also help in evaluating the airways for sleep apnea, TMJ problems and much more.

The 3D/2D imaging system is now considered the standard of care for various dental treatments including wisdom teeth extractions as well as placement of implants. These treatments can be very technique sensitive and with this invaluable tool at our disposal, we can plan treatments precisely from patient to patient. However, not all patients will need the cone beam scan and this varies with every case that presents to us.

The process of capturing the cone beam x-ray is very simple and quick with minimal preparations needed. It starts with taking off all your jewelry and metallic items from the field of view to be able to provide quality unscattered images with the cone beam moving around your head capturing all the necessary information needed for planning your treatment.

Once the image is captured, the dentist will go through it with you showing you in detail exactly what we are looking at and what would be the next course of treatment if any. This helps in having a two-way conversation between the dentist and patient. We believe in this as it is the patient's every right to know what we see and what we are recommending.

Even though most insurance companies might not cover the cone beam x-ray, we have our in-office membership plan that helps in reducing these charges for you.

The dentist usually looks only at the images for information related to your specific dental need, however, if you would like a detailed information of the whole image, we are happy to get that read by a maxillofacial radiologist at an additional charge equivalent to what is charged to us.

Cerec System

This is one of the most advanced if not the advanced innovations in digital dentistry. It consists of systems and processes that interact seamlessly to provide high quality aesthetic prosthetics individualized for every patient.

Cerec has been used by dentists for decades and is constantly improved to provide the best treatment outcomes for patients. This system provides tooth colored esthetic ceramic fillings and crowns as well as bridges in a single visit.

Good bye to taking a mold of your mouth with materials that can cause gagging and allergic reactions for some patients and welcome the most advanced form of mold of your mouth using an optical scan.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. It is a technique of making dental restorations in the dental office. These esthetically pleasing restorations are used to repair teeth damaged by decay or injury. At the Dental Suite, we have technologically advanced equipment that allows us to scan, design and fabricate restorations using a computer’s help by a process called CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing)

The CAD CAM process starts with taking an optical impression/scan of the teeth and surrounding structures which are designed on the computer to be patient specific and finally milled from the computer to produce esthetically pleasing restorations.

Exam and Preparation
The CEREC® System

First, the Dentist will examine the tooth and discuss the treatment options and advice on a recommended treatment. This could range from a filling to a full crown, depending on the remaining tooth structure and the clinical judgement of the Dentist. The Dentist will then administer local anesthesia, remove decayed and weakened tooth structure and then finally prepare the tooth for the restoration.

Digital Scan / Impression

The Dentist will then take a Digital scan of the prepared tooth using an intraoral scanner, in this case the highly powerful Primescan. This avoids the need of making a mold using materials that can cause gagging and take a longer time to finish. The whole digital process of taking an impression takes about a minute.

No Temporaries

Once the optical scan is done, the image appears on the computer as a virtual 3D model. The Dentist will then use a 3D software to design the restoration specifically tailored for your tooth. Once the design is complete, it is then electronically sent over to the milling machine called the Primemill where the restoration is milled from a ceramic block inserted into the milling chamber. The ceramic block shade matches your teeth shade. It takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the material used and then finally placed in the Speedfire for the finished restoration to be ready. Once the process is over, the Dentist will try the restoration in the mouth to ensure proper fit and bite. After all the verifications, the restoration is polished and bonded to the prepared tooth. All of this is done in the same appointment, which means no temporaries and no scheduling another appointment as was done in the past.

Advantages of CEREC

This approach might be especially useful to your needs as it eliminates some of the most inconvenient aspects of oral procedures. For example, creating a crown without CEREC would typically require creating an impression to send out to a laboratory and placing a temporary crown. This process requires waiting for days or weeks and multiple dental visits.

The CEREC system has great advantages:

  • Treatments that require several visits can be finished in a single appointment. This eliminates the need for multiple stressful visits to the Dentist and can be very convenient for most dental procedures.
  • The optical scan eliminates various errors and can be very accurate and repetitive allowing more control of the process from start to finish.
  • As this treatment can be completed in a single visit, there is no need for temporaries as temporary restorations can come off, stain, and break easily needing more visits until the permanent restoration is ready.

CEREC® is a proprietary of Dentsply Sirona

SprintRay 3D printer

A true innovation in the Dental field that is also the future of Dentistry is one of the advanced technologies available at The Dental Suite. 3D printing is a fantastic tool to increase delivery times for appliances, efficiency and a game changer when it comes to Dentistry.

This replaces the stone models that were used before on patients with a more digital workflow that stores patient scans allowing them to be printed whenever required. No more re-impressioning with the goopy material because if the stone material is broken or lost, the 3D printer prints another one with the click of a button.

It has multiple uses such as:

  • Fabricating night guards on the same day as the patient visit.
  • Fabrication of temporary crowns that are accurate, eliminating fabrication errors.
  • They are used to make clear aligner models, retainers as well as indirect bonding trays for brackets and wires. This tremendously reduces the waiting time for orthodontic treatment. This reduces treatment start time by up to 3 weeks.
  • They can also make dentures for patients as well as surgical guides for accurate implant placements.
  • 3D printers also fabricate splints to help stabilize loose teeth by holding them to healthy teeth allowing in healing and reducing pain.

3D printing is well known for its reliability, accuracy and flexibility.

Visit us at The Dental Suite and experience the magic in Dentistry.

SprinRay is a registered trademark of SprintRay Inc.